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55 km

3200+ m elevation gain


8:00 am

departure from Navazzo di Gargnano

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Max time


This is the big news for 2023.

A very demanding trail due to the height difference of more than 3000 meters, it features a long and exciting climb that leads from the banks of the Lake Garda (68 m) to Denervo peak (1460 m).


It is recommended only for athletes with good experience in mountain running on long and demanding routes, it will present "challenging time limit gates" (Muslone gate at 5.30 pm, before the last demanding climb “Senter del Luf”)

It envisages an initial launch that will take the athletes from the locality of Navazzo down to the shores of the lake, passing by panoramic paths (including a NEW one specially opened for the 2023 race, which descends towards Zuino) and by the hilly village that overlook the green meadows of the Golf of Bogliaco.

After a quick transit along the lakefront from Bogliaco up to the center of Gargnano, begins the challenging ascent to Mount Denervo, passing through the small village of Sasso and from the locality Briano, with the novelty of another stretch of path specially opened for the race, which will lead to pass through the magnificent panoramic point of Cima Denervo Sud.

Descent between beautiful beech woods towards Piovere di Tignale  and then headed for the ride around the Monte Cas with its spectacular Sanctuary. Return to the South passing by the renowned waterfalls of Piovere di Tignale to reach the fraction of Muslone, where the athletes will be able to refresh themselves before the demanding climb towards Briano along the spectacular “Senter del Luf” (some short stretches exposed but well protected by fixed ropes).

Arrived at Alpine Hut of Briano, a comfortable descent will take the athletes to the coveted finish line of Navazzo.

Time limit of 12 hours, departure at 8:00am from Navazzo di Gargnano.

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