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23 km

+m1050 elevation


8:45 am

start from Navazzo di Gargnano

Cronometro digitale

5 h

Max. time

This is the introductory race to the world of trail running, it takes place at a low altitude and does not present any difficulties, and is therefore suitable for everyone.

It is a race on mixed terrain, with a prevalence of dirt roads and paths but with an important component of secondary roads in asphalt or concrete.

It starts from the 500m altitude of Navazzo and descends along a new path (opened specifically for the race) towards Zuino and Fornico, then crosses on panoramic dirt roads towards Gaino di Toscolano, from which it descends into the beauty of the Valley of Old Paper Mills.

Than it goes uphill to Cecina, pass down of the Bogliaco Golf Course before descending to the lake, to continue on level ground as far as the center of Gargnano, from which you then go up to Navazzo, with a height difference greater than 400 meter. Through it is an easy paths, you will find a significant slope.

Time limit of 5h, departure scheduled for 8:45am from Navazzo di Gargnano

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BVG Run 2024
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